The SEC is voting next week on hedgefunds disclosures

Next week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will vote on whether to increase hedge fund disclosures.

The SEC is voting next week on hedgefunds disclosures

A proposal to increase hedge fund disclosures will be voted on by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) next week in a bid to improve industry oversight and investor protections, the SEC's chair said.

A proposal will be put forward to amend the Form Private Fund (PF), which many hedge funds and other private funds use to report purchases and sales of securities on a quarterly basis.

In his recent comments, Gensler did not specify the changes proposed, but previously he said the SEC was looking into enhancing the frequency and detailing of these disclosures.

As part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law, Form PF is used by the Financial Stability Oversight Council to monitor risk to the U.S. financial system.

Nevertheless, critics claim the forms do not provide enough information and that hedge funds operate with too little transparency. Following the March 2020 turmoil in the U.S. Treasury market, hedge funds came under fresh scrutiny and are at the center of the GameStop and AMC  ''Meme stocks'' saga and still are today.

Gensler said on Wednesday the agency would also propose new rules next week that would boost corporate pay disclosure - specifically, pay versus performance metrics - and boost transparency in the trading of U.S. Treasury notes.

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  • Frank Virgilio
    Frank Virgilio
    YY you're not gonna do nothing about it you have been saying this for over a year this is nothing but a crock of shit because you're being paid by the hedge funds and you gotta make it look like you're doing your job so why don't you just go fuck yourself and take that fucker Kenny G With ya.,,,,,, This stock market is the biggest joke world wide .Y'all ripped off Billions of dollars illegally everyone knows it !! ALL YOU DO IS TALK OUT YOUR ASS NOBDY TRUST YOU OR THE GOVERNMENT NOT LIK YOU CARE. HOW MANY MILLIONS DID,YOUMAND YOUR GANG OF CROOKS MAKE THIS YEAR OFF OF RETSIL INVESTORS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED .You belong in JAILOR DEAD
    1 year ago Reply
  • Sandro
    Reporting needs to be more frequently than quarterly and fines need to be much much higher than a slap on the wrist or it will not act as a deterrent to stop the actions we are trying to correct.
    1 year ago Reply
  • TheFirstPurge
    Garl Gensler is putting bandaids on gunshot wounds and wondering why the person is still dying. We will ask them for a little more "transparency". These people are pirates and whacking away at U.S. businesses and trying to drive them into the dirt by shorting them, working with brokers and holding orders for days and stacking them in dark pools, and not trading them on lit exchanges where they immediately impact the price. You have 85% buys vs 15% sell-side and the price of the security still drops. Not to mention Citadel Securities which acts as a hedge fund, market maker, broker, jack of all trades, and whatever else and they have 40% of the entire U.S. Retail stock Market using this one market maker. Talk about a monopoly. What deal with the devil did Ken Griffin make to gain this sort of access to all this cash? The SEC has to do a whole lot more than this window dressing to make folks actually safe in their trades. These people are criminals. Start indicting them and sending them to jail. Stop with the fines. What is a fine to people with a license to print money?
    1 year ago Reply