Could AMC hit 100k?

The largest meme stock is AMC stock. Shares are expected to reach $100,000, if not even $500,000, as anticipated by Apes

Could AMC hit 100k?

Could amc entertainment share price hit 100k?

In the 100,000-times scenario, AMC's market capitalization would reach an astonishing $51 trillion, or 25 times the value of today's largest companies: either Apple or Microsoft in tech.

AMC stock has been associated with several hashtags on social media, including #AMC100K and #AMC500K, suggesting that its shares are expected to reach $100,000 or more.

Could amc entertainment share price hit 100k ?

Could a movie theater company such as AMC be valued at such astronomical levels?

Theoretically possible

For a theory to make sense, one must discard business fundamentals. It is impossible for the company to justify such an aggressive price target in the near future, if not ever.

As a result, market forces are what determine a stock's price. AMC's value will be determined by how much investors are willing to pay for the shares and how many there are in the market.

This is pretty much what it takes for magic to happen - when buyers overwhelm sellers at a price of $100,000 and a trade can be executed.

But in reality...

It would take a wave of extremely loyal and united diamond-hand "hodlers" willing to pay well above the stock's reasonable price to push AMC stock this far. In this scenario, they would need to maintain long positions and resist selling pressures from traders looking to eat into their "tendies".

Suppose AMC was valued at $100,000 per share. At the moment, the company has a market capitalization of $9billion and a total float of 513M shares. The market cap of AMC would reach $51 trillion at #100,000. That is nearly 25 times the value of the world's largest companies today, such as Apple and Microsoft, or Saudi Aramco.

AMC stock would need to increase by 545,751.53% from current levels ($18.32) to reach $51 trillion in market value. In comparison, AMC's rise from $400 million in December 2020 to $27 billion in July 2021 has been only 6,400%. 

It is, therefore, possible that the ultra-bullish scenario will come to pass, but it is also highly unlikely. However, the apes community seems to believe it is possible. Whether the Reddit crowd will stick together and make the $100,000 target price a reality is the question. 

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