Why you should stay away from the Motley Fool

The Motley Fool has been bashing AMC entertainment and GameStop stock.

Why you should stay away from the Motley Fool


What is the Motley Fool?

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, The Motley Fool offers financial and investing advice. The company was founded by David Gardner, Tom Gardner, Erik Rydholm, and their brother, Tom Gardner, in July 1993. Erik Rydholm has since left the company. Over 300 people work for the company worldwide.

Motley fool stock bashing?

A stock basher is someone who lowers the price of an asset by engaging in illegal market manipulation. Stock bashers use misinformation campaigns to diminish confidence in a stock, which undervalues it. Occasionally, a stock basher may profit from a decrease in an asset's price.

In an effort to undermine the value of publicly traded companies, stock bashers spread exaggerated claims. Stock bashers usually do this to lower stock prices so that they, or their employers, can buy stock at a lower price than it would otherwise be.

As you probably know, The Motley Fool has been bashing AMC entertainment and GameStop stock beyond reason since the start.

The fact they would tell you to 'avoid GME like the plague' or 'forget AMC' - and to 'do not invest in GME' - with up to three some-times a day of bashing and misinformation, it became clear that they had ulterior motives.

Motley fool forget amc or gamestop

Conflict of interest

Its sister company, Motley Fool Asset Management (MFAM), operates several funds & ETFs. It should come as no surprise that based on their holdings and articles; the Motley Fool spreads (mis)information to manipulate readers based on their investment strategies. And guess what? Most people are unaware of MFAM as they aren't familiar with it.

MFAM basically serves as a tool to direct its readers towards (or away from) stocks that it owns or shorts.

It also turns out the Motley Fool is sponsored by Citadel LLC and Melvin Capital.

As soon as redditors discovered the link, The Motley Fool removed all links to Citadel.

Check it out: https://web.archive.org/web/20210514071019/https://www.theladders.com/company/fool-jobs

Motley fool Deleting reviews

Few months ago, when people started uncovering this on public sites such as Trustpilot, it struck a big nerve. In response, The Motley Fool has been doing full damage control, flagging and attempting to remove those posts, as well as flooding them with suspiciously positive reviews:

Motley fool suspicious reviews

5-star reviews went from 10 a month to a whopping 120.

Users reviews on Motley fool service

You can leave an honest review for others, but please keep it polite. Any vulgar language will be removed. www.trustpilot.com/review/fool.com


Sean Williams           

The motley fool has allowed Sean Williams to express his views on shorting AMC Entertainment and GameStop on social media. He mocks the ape community and attacks retail investors unprofessionally.

Sean Williams motley fool

While Sean Williams defends short-sellers and trolls, retail investors, he writes articles constantly bashing AMC. Meanwhile, retail investors are going long on AMC to squeeze short-sellers.

Here is the evidence. 137 pages, 10 articles per page. All by Sean Williams at Motley Fools bashing $AMC.

Sean Williams, who likely supports short-selling, uses the media to discourage investors from purchasing AMC stock.

Hedge funds overleveraged their positions and tried to bring down AMC Entertainment through bankruptcy. Retail investors saved the movie theatre chain from collapse.

Sean Williams unprofessionally attacking Retail investors :

Sean williams attacking retail investors

I don't think anyone would want a guy like this representing their company but for some reason, Motley fool is yet to fire him.

What are you guys waiting for?

Credit to Reddit user u/timvgp

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