Top 5 cryptocurrencies with HUGE potential

If you're looking for potential crypto winners, these should probably be high on your list.

Top 5 cryptocurrencies with HUGE potential

Top 5 cryptocurrencies with HUGE potential

5- FLUX 

Flux represents the emergence of scalable, decentralized cloud computing infrastructure. Create, manage, and grow your applications on a number of servers simultaneously. The cryptocurrency is trending, attracting many investors.

What is flux? 

Flux is a community driven Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrency

Flux allows users to design and run their applications on multiple servers simultaneously. Furthermore, it is a collective effort run by society that affects no external investors.

Decentralized finance (Defi) infrastructure is created by Flux by focusing on innovation in blockchain technology. Considering that Flux is supported by a whole ecosystem, this coin should have a bright future. Because of the nature of the crypto market, it is possible to make highly inaccurate predictions for the price of Flux Coin. In addition, BTC can affect the entire market.

Can you mine flux?

Flux Coin can be mined, but currently, bitcoin, Ethereum is more profitable. Flux is still in its infancy and not many people know about it.


The Singapore-based company ECOMI is a leader in the emerging field of digital collectibles. VeVe, ECOMI's app for digital collectibles, brings pop culture and entertainment into the 21st century.

The goal of ECOMI is to create the world's best platform for buying, protecting, and collecting licensed digital collectibles using Distributed Ledger Technology.

Through VeVe, users can enjoy true ownership of digital collectibles. Users can purchase common, rare, and unique collectibles via the VeVe app marketplace, share them across the social network service, and exchange them with their peers, all from the palm of their hand.

As a new asset class, ECOMI identifies digital collectibles as an opportunity for intellectual property owners to generate new revenue streams. Digital streaming, gaming, and in-app purchasing have become a multibillion-dollar market and the next to join this digital trend is the pop culture and collectibles industry.

OMI Token: Metrics and Details

ECOMI built VeVe, a blockchain-based platform for digital collectibles. A token is needed for the platform to allow you to own digital collectibles and interact with other users. This token is called the OMI token.

The OMI token is used as a medium of exchange within the platform to allow for the buying, selling, and trading of digital collectibles, and to ensure an immutable record of ownership, so you are always sure of the authenticity of the objects you are buying.


As the world's only blockchain-supported microtask platform, StormX uses Storm Token as its premium cryptocurrency reward.

The ultimate goal of StormX is to provide ways to earn rewards and compensation through gamified micro-tasks, engagement tasks, and freelance work from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

StormX the easiest way to earn crypto

StormX App

StormX offers different ways to earn and get cashback through its native app (downloadable on both Android and iOS). Furthermore, you will be able to earn crypto when you shop at your favorite webshop, in addition to earning crypto! This app's currency is Bolts, which you can exchange into a variety of cryptocurrencies that you can hold or sell back for your native currency. You can earn crypto in several ways:



StormX Rewards

StormX token (STMX)

StormX tokens are ERC-20 tokens that can be staked and used for governance and staking of the StormX platform. In addition to being an ERC-20 token, it is easy to deposit the token within an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, Exodus, or Ledger.

The wallet must, however, be connected to the StormX app in order for STMX to function properly. Users will potentially earn higher rewards if their account gets upgraded.

Staking can also generate passive income for users. StormX runs on Ethereum, which has a Proof of Work consensus protocol. Nor is StormX a native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain. Thus it is unclear why staking is needed.

The term 'staking' in this context is probably just a metaphor to describe the process of depositing STMX into a reserve, either for liquidity purposes or to contribute to a treasury for funding development. This cannot be confirmed at the moment.

StormX's governance is straightforward. To access the governance site, users can use Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Upon landing, users see a proposal and a pie chart that displays the voting status.


Thanks to its blockchain technology, BePro (formerly BetProtocol) allows entrepreneurs and developers to make gaming platforms in minutes. They are safe, scalable, and regulatory-compliant thanks to BePro's tools and technology. As part of BePro's vision, fairness, transparency, and safety will be the new standards in online gaming technology.

To allow entrepreneurs to launch blockchain betting apps with no coding, BePro, an Esports betting, and crypto-casino protocol, plans to implement their system on the Moonbeam Kusama and Polkadot networks.

What is Bepro ?

1-Verasity (VRA)

Verasity is a next-generation video-sharing platform that combines the best of traditional models, including advertising, subscription video on demand, and crowdfunding, Through Verasity's decentralized blockchain, the value stays within the community, and no intermediaries are involved. Verasity's intention is to liberate Creators and benefit Viewers.

Problems Verasity solves

On video platforms, creators struggle with monetizing their content. Online video advertising is disenchanted with the public, and viewers refuse to watch ads.

Ad fraud and ‘fake views’ are also being addressed. Without transparency of audience metrics, content value is devalued. And without a true value for content, recommendations are flawed.

Problems verasity solves

How verasity works 

A high-quality viewing experience is enabled by Verasity's high-performance video player that scales to 8 PetaBytes of video data per month.

Viewers and Creators are rewarded for watching and sharing content within Verasity's ecosystem when they use the VeraPlayer's integrated digital wallet by using VERA Tokens.

Watching ads makes Viewers more money, and advertisers pay Creators directly. Creators are rewarded directly by Viewers with donations and are able to unlock videos for a fee (pay-per-view or subscription). With Verasity, Creators have the freedom to decide how to monetize or demonetize individual videos. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all model, they decide what is right for them and their audience.

In Verasity's patent Proof of View (PoV) technology, fake views, bots, and manipulated metrics are detected so that only real views are tracked and recommendations, surfacing of content, and advertising metrics are accurate. Real value is found in views on Verasity.

In the innovative 'Spark Marketplace', creators can utilize the innovative 'VeraSparks'  to increase channel growth. The users who hold the 'VeraSparks'  then receive a share of that channel's continuing success in VERA Tokens.


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